broken capacitor

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08-04-2007 15:57:54

I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I have a favor to ask someone.

I was once installing modchip on my gamecube, but accidentally broke a capacitor while doing it.

I have already asked on another forum, but they said it was a smd capacitor and i would have to have a working gamecube to check what kind of capacitor i have broken.

Here comes the question would someone with a game cube check this for me?

The code of the capacitor is [b5dddfd0249]c311[/b5dddfd0249].

Thank you.


10-04-2007 20:10:54

If it's an SMD cap, good luck replacing it by hand without SMD equipment. It'll also be hard to buy just one.


11-04-2007 18:12:54

u need a flux capacitor to go back to prevent injury to your gamecube ;)
u may get some information if u search for modding of gamecubes i would think.


11-04-2007 20:55:54

Do you still have the broken capacitor? Is it broken itself, or just detached from the board?