Itunes Crashing

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04-04-2007 20:58:06

My Story
Well I used to be a happy iTunes user until a few weeks ago I started up iTunes. I currently have most of library on an external hard drive. Whenever I want to move new songs over to it I will delete them off of my C drive and move them to the External drive. This was working well until I mixed the two together. So to keep them organized I decided to delete the entire library and add it back. The only problem was that it didnt include any of my ratings that I've gone through, (about 2000+ songs), and not any of the play counts. So obviously I deleted the songs from the library and tried importing a version of my library that I had backed up not too long ago. This leads to my problem, I cannot add or import anything into my library now without it freezing.

My Problem
I cannot add songs into my library without iTunes freezing. Either that or it takes about 2 hours to add one song, but I dont feel like waiting that long, and I end up deleting the process. I've tried importing a library and everytime iTunes decides to crash. I'm usually good with this kind of stuff, but I cannot for the life of me figure out this problem.

My Version
I was using the previous version when this problem originated(7.1.1??) and since then I have updated to the latest version to see if that would fix it.

Please help!


04-04-2007 21:04:35

Do you have other things running when you try to import your library? I assume that you have the space on your harddrive to import the entire thing, but if there are a lot of other things using your RAM, it will slow things down (like downloading, high-end games, etc).

Also, as a side note, iTunes doesn't store the ratings/playcount in the song files. It makes 2 files (iTunes Library.itl and iTunes Music Library.xml) which stores all that information. That's what also keeps track of the song locations ... try deleting those 2 files.