iPod Problems :-(

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30-03-2007 17:32:22

[b9e09732c1d]Problem[/b9e09732c1d] Completely dead iPod Nano Gen2 2Gig

This is how she told me it happened for the most part.

This is the second Nano my girlfriend has had die on her, and it seems to have died the same way as the last. The iPod was working fine, and everything was normal, she does most of her listening in the car, with a cassette adapter. So she stops at the gas station, pauses the pod, gets out, comes back, and the pod is totally dead and has turned off. Her first iPod did the same thing.

It will not recognize when connected to the PC, will not charge or turn on.

Can we get some help? ^_^ Many thanks fellas.


30-03-2007 17:40:28

Moved to the Tech Forum.. the Help forum is for freebie sites


30-03-2007 21:27:44

Sorry CG. Any help?


30-03-2007 22:14:52

My friends ipod also broke he has a one of the first ones that came out, it would just keep on dying and not turning on and then it just stopped working (


30-03-2007 22:47:06

Thanks for the input bro. Anyone else?


31-03-2007 07:49:07

2nd Gen nano should have an apple warranty, try returning it to where you bought it from for a new one.


31-03-2007 21:57:56

She returned the first one to Wal-Mart and got the one that just died on her. I don't know exactly how long she's had it, but I'd say maybe 4 1/2 months tops. How long exactly does that warranty go for?


01-04-2007 09:18:06

usually a yr, but I could be wrong


01-04-2007 11:13:39

We'll have to look into that.

Would this be the warranty here Link[=http//]Link


01-04-2007 12:58:49



02-04-2007 06:42:35

Karma for posting that guide )

Also something we can look into, but I don't know if she'd be willing to upon the poddy up unless she was completely positive nothing else would work and a return was not possible.

I'm just hoping Apple is still obligated to give her a replacement because it's pretty lame how something like that could just die out of nowhere ?


03-04-2007 09:45:54

So she calls up the service department this morning and they give her the usual lame steps to try and get it back in working condition. Turns out those one of those steps worked lol, and the little apple showed up and walla the poddy is doing fine lol

Karma to all (over the next few days of course) to those who helped, thanks guys. )


03-04-2007 10:20:55

The Apple support page is probably the first thing you should have looked at roll Also, this bothers me to no end; and it's even more frightening that you're 20 "walla" is actually "voilą," although the accented 'a' is not as necessary as the basic spelling.


03-04-2007 11:45:54

Well she had already tried everything that was on there, it just seemed really dead like the first one, then this mornig voila wink it worked.

Nice post though thanks 8)