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26-03-2007 15:39:51

I am looking to buy a digital camera/camcorder
Ive seen some pics TSJ has had and they look fantastic
but i need advice for a good digital camera
my limit is around 600 bucks



26-03-2007 18:08:22

Sweet....lots of help


26-03-2007 18:10:00

This falls under bumping your own topic.. this is a perfect example of what the edit button is for.

You probably didn't get many answers, since this topic has been covered several times in the Tech forum


26-03-2007 19:47:00

I've been really happy with my Canon S3 IS

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26-03-2007 19:52:18

I forget what kind of camera my buddy has but it's pretty decent. He paid a shit load for it, but he is selling it pretty cheap, only like $500.

Take a look at some of his work.

This really doesn't answer your question but I just thought I'd share some of my friends pics.

edit and I'll find out what kind of camera if you want me to.


27-03-2007 04:36:06

Yes please if you would

those pics look amazing


27-03-2007 12:19:43

[quote2159a2f934="dupebag"]Yes please if you would

those pics look amazing[/quote2159a2f934]

I'll have to see if I can get in touch with him. He has been super busy lately. He's going to film school in florida and has super weird ass times that he has classes and lots of them. And then he's also doing something for National Geographic. So he is hard to get in touch with.

Plus! The easiest and quickest way for me to get him is on the phone and my I left my charger at home and my batter went dead. ( So i'm trying to find somebody that I can borrow a charger from and then I'll be able to call him.

But I'll get back to you with the type of camera.


04-04-2007 21:10:09

I talked to my friend and I have some bad news for you.
1. He sold the camera
2. The pics he took are from a bunch of different cameras. So there is not one particular camera that I can tell you. Some are expensive digital, some are cheap digital, some are film, others are like old 1940's film cameras. So I'm thinking his pics are good based more off the fact that he has some talent with photography and is going to school for it.