Speed/Framerate increase?

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23-03-2007 14:36:16

Alright...so my current computer configuration is
1.8GHz Pentium 4 - FSB 533MHz, 768MB RAM, 200GB HDD @ 8MB cache, 40GB HDD, BFG Geforce 7800GS OC @ AGP 4x

If I upgrade my processor to a 2.8GHz Pentium 4 - FSB 533MHz, how much speed increase will I see with my computer, and how much will my framerates increase in my games?



23-03-2007 14:41:19

probably a significant amount. But isnt that upgrade meaning a new motherboard and ram? That video card is fairly nice although it is AGP \


23-03-2007 14:46:57

Nope, no new RAM or Motherboard, because it's the same socket processor, and this processor is compatible with the motherboard I have. )

So a significant increase? D

Oh, and yeah. I love this video card. D


23-03-2007 14:48:31

it will be better than it is at the moment, but I say get up to 2gig of ram and it will help a lot


23-03-2007 14:53:00

Nah, I don't wanna upgrade the RAM, just, I need to know how [i0c8cd4053e]much[/i0c8cd4053e] better will the improvements be?

Like, right now I get maybe max ~30 FPS playing F.E.A.R. at max settings.


23-03-2007 15:03:58


that compares 2.0ghz with a 2.8 on doom 3 @ 1280

shows ~20 fps gain


23-03-2007 15:09:02

So with the specs I have...what uh...would you expect my FPS to increase to, playing Doom 3 @ 1440x900, high settings.


23-03-2007 15:22:28

just a guess your fps will increase by 15-30 depending on where you are in maps

goddamn it i just missed bag of crap on woot


23-03-2007 16:03:03

What do you mean where I am at maps?

If I'm getting ~25-30 FPS @ 1152 x 864...what do you think I'll get playing F.E.A.R. at max settings, with the same resolution?


23-03-2007 16:06:31

your fps will increase by 15-25


23-03-2007 16:34:09


Thanks. D


23-03-2007 22:11:41

id say that would be pretty accurate, you have a decently powerful video card that is being heavily throttled by your lack in cpu power. by upgrading you will not only be boosting your cpu performance but also enabling your graphics card more. Always remember, your computer can only be as powerful as its weakest link.


23-03-2007 22:35:58

^Yeah good point there^

You'll probably be looking for a complete overhaul in about 6 months to year. That stuff just won't cut the new things coming out.


24-03-2007 00:28:49

Well that is not exactly true all the time joshbox. But in this case you will also see smoother gameplay. Which is more important then a FPS increase sometimes.


24-03-2007 06:44:30

[quote514f8c3892="Allen626"]Well that is not exactly true all the time joshbox. But in this case you will also see smoother gameplay. Which is more important then a FPS increase sometimes.[/quote514f8c3892]
Yeah, sometimes it can get really slow. P

For instance, if I'm playing Counter Strike Source, and then there's like 10 other guys next to me, and everyone' shooting, it kind of lags a little bit, and then I usually die since I can't see what's going on. Will that...go away (the video lag)?


24-03-2007 20:45:26



24-03-2007 21:57:32

More memory and better cpu will help that
(memory, cpu and gfx card are the factors for causing that)

since I have installed vista, it takes more memory and cpu power from the game, so I lose the power I had with xp
I am getting 30 fps with vista, was getting 60-120 with xp
setup 2gb of ram, x800, 3.2 w/ ht


25-03-2007 04:17:13

vista does not effect gameplay nearly that dramatically, unless, i suppose you are not playing in full screen.


25-03-2007 07:36:49

home premium really does (all settings turned on, aero, all animations)
only things i have running when i have css up is setpoint, ccc, mirc, and a couple other little things

I mean if I take off lot of the settings, it wouldn't be that bad, but I only play css a couple times a week or what not


25-03-2007 07:59:11

Ermm, so about my question, if I upgrade my CPU to the 2.8GHz one, I won't experience that horrible graphics lag?


25-03-2007 12:57:58

[quoteba0ae2da7b="TFOAF"]Ermm, so about my question, if I upgrade my CPU to the 2.8GHz one, I won't experience that horrible graphics lag?[/quoteba0ae2da7b]

you will experience some, it won't go away but it will get better


25-03-2007 22:08:02

If you get a dedicated sound card (if you don't have one already), that will take lots of load off the CPU, which will decrease lag. It will always be there (lag) though, since not everyone has an ideal geographical location/internet speed to play with absolutely no hiccups.


26-03-2007 10:50:32

Yup, I have a dedicated sound card. Um, what the hell is with your avatar? LOL!


26-03-2007 13:10:40

It's one of my favorite parts from Arrested Development.


26-03-2007 20:05:26

When you talk about lag in gmes like CSS, the lag is from the internet connection. The more guys there are, the more lag you have, and you also see other people with slower connections lag. Your ping to the server matters too. But I assume you know most of that. I'm just saying your computer isn't what's slowing you down most of the time on internet play.