Anyone using LinuxMCE?

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22-03-2007 06:27:30

Hey guys...just thought i'd throw it out there since Hubby is threatening to change over our whole friggin media room...and I'M the one who'll have to play "Shrek 2" for the kids all the damn time.

Anyone using it and if so, how do you like it? User friendly? I'm not the tech geek my husband is (which is prob why that's a lil sexy wink ).


22-03-2007 08:09:15

I've been a mythTV user for years. LinuxMCE is a custom built mythTV on an Ubuntu Linux distribution. I'm wanting to try it myself as I'm a recent Ubuntu desktop convert, and love mythTV. Once setup, mythTV is as intuitive as most PVR/DVR/MCE type setups. Setup and maintenance requires a good bit of Linux knowledge, but lots of people set them up and have their wife & kids run them with no problem. A buddy of mine at work built a myth box years ago, and his wife (not a techie at all) just loves it. Of course when it breaks, she screams bloody murder, and he has to drop everything and fix it. ) Thus is the nature of home-built solutions, but the same would be true for a home MCE solution too.

I'd put mythTV/LinuxMCE up against Windows MCE any day, but only for those with the technical fortitude to manage it.


22-03-2007 13:02:22

LOL...the screaming bloody murder and dropping everything to fix it sounds REALLY familiar...

He said pretty much the same thing about Linux vs Windows, but then again, his Linux machine has been his "baby" for years just never threatened to take over my television before D

So, thx for the recommend


24-03-2007 10:13:44

That looks sweet......Still looks like it'll get a little pricey for me though by the time I got the hardware for it.


24-03-2007 13:15:27

I just saw the video of it. It looks phenomenal.