Need to reformat my laptop...

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18-03-2007 22:31:56

OK, I'm running windows 2000 right now, but there are so many problems, that I am switching to Ubuntu. How can I erase EVERYTHING on my HD in order to install ubuntu?


18-03-2007 22:38:00



18-03-2007 22:56:25

Umm... that doesn't tell me anything. All that alphabet soup flew right over my head. Plus, I need to format windows 2000, not ubuntu. I'm SWITCHING to ubuntu.


18-03-2007 23:16:07

Dude just pop the cd in. It should have a fdisk utility in the installation process.


19-03-2007 07:21:16

Put in your linux dvd/cd and restart the computer and boot from disk


boot to dos and do format c/


19-03-2007 10:57:21

[quote75ecd5dbf5="benner410"]Umm... that doesn't tell me anything. All that alphabet soup flew right over my head. Plus, I need to format windows 2000, not ubuntu. I'm SWITCHING to ubuntu.[/quote75ecd5dbf5]
You don't format "Windows 2000" you format a disk. It doesn't matter what OS is there, formatting works the same regardless. The only difference is what tool you use and what filesystem you format as.

Before formatting, I would suggest you boot from the Ubuntu LiveCD long enough to know that you'll be happy with it. If you have trouble with the concepts of formatting a drive, then you may also have trouble with Linux concepts, so the LiveCD would allow you to give it a trial run without whacking your HD. Then if you decide to do so, just click the "Install" icon on the desktop which will take you through partitioning and formatting prior to the installation.


19-03-2007 11:26:07

I am kind of worried that you want to load Ubuntu yet you dont even know how to format a drive... not trying to be a dick or anything but linux is an advanced OS


19-03-2007 13:02:59

Hold on...I made a post back in the summer on how to format your computer. D


Okay...found it http//


19-03-2007 14:20:57

I don't have a boot cd ( I got my computer loaded at best buy, and i never got a disk.


19-03-2007 14:33:52

The Ubuntu install CD/DVD is the boot CD we're talking about. But at this point I'm thinking you might be better off with XP. While Linux has made great strides in user friendliness as a desktop OS once up and running, installing from scratch and getting all your hardware working still remains an advanced task that requires some skill well beyond the comprehension of formatting and boot CD's. Like Josh said, not trying to be a jerk or anything -- I applaud folks for trying and learning new stuff -- but it would be advisable to learn to tread water before diving into the deep end. ;) Otherwise you're liable to get a really bad impression of the Linux experience, which would be unfortunate.


21-03-2007 14:41:32

I agree with Dmorris, I am going to bet you want to do some things that require some knowledge of computers that is currently beyond you.
Linux is great for 2 kinds of people, my mom and power users.
my mom ONLY browses the internet and uses email, and power users have the time to get to know linux.


21-03-2007 14:45:28

Besides, installing Linux on a laptop is an advanced task in itself. Try reading up on Ubuntu Linux on their site to get a feel for the knowledge needed to run a linix system.