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18-03-2007 17:21:17

ok. These next few months, Im going to be upgrading my home! Im buying a new HDTV, building a new computer, buying a new monitor, and buying a Home theater system.

But the first thing on my list is this A DSLR camera. I have about a $1000 budget. I will be going on a trip to New Zealand soon (just finished a $2000 niutech site, hoping I can use that to pay for it and the camera). I want something that has a great picture. I dont care too much for how fast it shoots nor too much how it looks. thank you soo much fipg!


18-03-2007 20:17:06

Canon Digital Rebel XTi.

Nuff sed.


18-03-2007 20:37:14

[quote8b0b310be4="theysayjump"]Canon Digital Rebel XTi.

Nuff sed.[/quote8b0b310be4]
Agreed. Always been a Canon fan and the Rebel series of DSLR's are fine cameras. They aren't as ruggedly built as the D series pro-line cameras but as long as you treat it well it will perform beautifully (and at a much lower price).

I'm also hearing lots of great things about the new Sony Alpha DSLR. I've never been a big fan of Sony still cameras, but this one is a beaut. Built on a Minolta body with Sony CZ lenses, it sports image stabilization in the body, not the lens -- which means you get IS with any lens. It also has the same type of vibration dust cleaner that the XTi has. It was voted Popular Photography's Camera of 2006, and is priced comparatively with the XTi. I handled one in the store and when I framed shots I actually thought that the auto settings on the Alpha produced slightly better images than the XTi on auto, but then again most serious shutterbugs won't use Auto anyway.

I don't think you'd go wrong with either. If you're not a gambler I'd say go with Canon, as it's a known quantity. The Sony hasn't been around long enough to be proven in the field yet, but then again it's built on a Minolta frame which was always my favorite 35mm SLR brand.


19-03-2007 08:12:19



19-03-2007 15:31:12

What about the nikon D80? Does it seem to be a good camera?


19-03-2007 16:20:32

[quote10a0b90b93="tml09"]What about the nikon D80? Does it seem to be a good camera?[/quote10a0b90b93]
Yeah, that's another good one I forgot to mention. I've not cared much for Nikon DSLR's prior to the D80, however the D80 model is pretty sweet and also getting great reviews. But be advised it's a bit pricier than either the XTi or the Alpha. You'll be doing good to get body only for $1000, and still have to spend at least a couple hundred on a cheap lens, so that pops your stated budget.


20-03-2007 14:50:34

^ yeah, I guess you're right. The sony has built in stabliziation, correct?


20-03-2007 15:41:25

[quote61b441e785="theysayjump"]Canon Digital Rebel XTi.

Nuff sed.[/quote61b441e785]

Definitely. I was gonna get some kind of Rebel but I think I'm gonna be saving my money for other things now. (


20-03-2007 17:52:16

[quote1dcdeb7f27="tml09"]^ yeah, I guess you're right. The sony has built in stabliziation, correct?[/quote1dcdeb7f27]
Yep. From what I've read it works pretty well given the price of the camera. Not as well as IS in a high-end $1500 Canon lens, but better than no IS and you can use whatever lens you want.


21-03-2007 14:29:03

can't you get a d rebel on ebay for ~2-300$ used?


21-03-2007 15:00:23

[quotea3d0ed065f="turpentinedreams"]can't you get a d rebel on ebay for ~2-300$ used?[/quotea3d0ed065f]
Probably not an XTi, and even if you could, I personally wouldn't invest that much in someone's camera if I didn't know the owner. Cameras are too delicate and some folks have no clue how to properly care for them. I'm anal as hell with expensive, delicate equipment, and would rather save awhile longer and buy new, or from somebody I trust.