please read and help for karma :)

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17-03-2007 19:07:38

bgjkg kjg


17-03-2007 23:30:30

we burned one off one time with a lighter and a screwdriver.. just melting it a little and prying it apart to where we could screw it off... makes the room smell for a bit but works out shrug


17-03-2007 23:33:32

Go with the plyers dude, usually they are just plastic capped on as tjwor said, you should'nt damage or twist the coax that bad, and if all goes well you may even be able to put the white cap back on making it look like nothing ever happened lol



18-03-2007 08:01:18

yeah thanks guys. this time change is screwing with me. i think stores just opened at 9 local time )
i will let u know what happens. karma around


18-03-2007 10:36:22

lolololol jy3

I feel so bad for your 360. It never gets a break from you. lol


18-03-2007 10:45:05

Probably not going to do you much good at the moment unless you can find one locally, but you can buy an inexpensive tool made specifically for adding/removing those tamper collars from RG coax cables. If somebody makes a habit of using their own video/game gear at hotels, it would be a wise investment. ;)



18-03-2007 15:39:42

lol nice
i decided not to mess with it ;)