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14-03-2007 17:34:04

Well I have a cherokee with a cd player now so i use a wireless transmitter for my zune signal aint bad when the charger is plugged in so I can deal with it.

In a week or two I'll have a Wrangler but with a tape player, and in that wrangler The fm transmiter is garbage cant get a signal at all, I was thinking of getting one of those cd players with the cable to connect to ipod/zune. But it's a waste as I dont listen to cd's just my zune in the car, so my question is will one of those tape's with the cord to connect in a head jack work fine? Plus I cant even find it at best buy's web site.


14-03-2007 17:41:53

Hey, those tape cassettes with the wire to the ipod work fine. My brother uses one and it sounds just fine.

You can get one for 99 cents from shop4tech[=http//]You can get one for 99 cents from shop4tech

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14-03-2007 17:46:19

+Kma so much easier and cheaper then buying a cd player for it


14-03-2007 23:23:17

I love those tape thingys.. I almost wish I had cassette in my car for that reason only. I hate FM transmitters.


15-03-2007 13:24:52

Yeah. From my experience the signal sounds much better with the direct iPod/Zune -> cassette deck adapter. I also have the Griffin iTrip, but I can still hear static during track changes.