*********Debug MODE***********

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12-03-2007 20:26:09

Not sure if it is just me or everyone but when i try to get into the forum i keep getting a Debug Mode message.
I can get to other forums and areas of the trading post but not the actual trading forum isthere anything i can do to get rid of the Debug Mode?

Thank You


12-03-2007 20:27:35

No ... it is something with the server. Another thread was opened to talk about this



12-03-2007 20:33:33

thank you can breathe a little easier why does it always happen when you're in the middle of something and can't start or finish it? lol


12-03-2007 20:37:44

Because things like this only happen when you don't want them to. )

But you can still post, even though it gives you an error when you do.


12-03-2007 21:04:25

Fixed. We had some runaway log files that filled up the partition.