Ipod help (its not broken im just wondering)

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12-03-2007 16:10:42

I was wondering if there was any way to add "folders" in your video section of the ipod.... for example, there is movies, and music videos, but no section for likt TV episodes... I have them currently in Movies, and its a pain to scroll through everything trying to find them, I also like the music videos how it sort them by artist/// is there such a thing that would allow my to acomplish this (adding a new section) w/ out totally screwing my ipod over?



12-03-2007 16:21:16

Something related.

Assuming I read that correctly, you should be able, in theory, to just create a new folder on your iPod labeled "TV" or "Music Video" or whatever else, and the iPod will pick it up as a name when not attached to your computer.

Although, you'll obviously have to put the video files onto it the same way as they get converted for the video iPod, but you probably could have guessed that.

Hope this helps.


12-03-2007 17:05:24

no i mean like viewable folders... (my bad for not explaining it better)

heres a pic of what I mean...

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12-03-2007 17:12:13

[quote430f29f019="dudeextrem2000"]no i mean like viewable folders... (my bad for not explaining it better)

heres a pic of what I mean...[/quote430f29f019]
Yeah ... I realize that's what you meant. That's why I explained it like I did.

Basically, it is saying that if you create a folder on your iPod (when disk use is enabled) that contains files that you can play on your iPod (in their example, a Contacts folder containing VCards), then the iPod should pick it up and allow you to view the folder and the contents when it is not connected to your computer.

So, in that theory, you should be able to do the same thing except for new video folders, as long as the files in the new folder would normally be able to be read by your iPod in action.

When you connect your iPod to your computer and explore it ... can you see the Movie folder (regardless of if you can play them or not)? If so, then you should be able to use the above method to make your own folders. If you can't see the Movie folder, however, then I don't think there is a way to do it without hacking your iPod's OS.


12-03-2007 17:40:16

ya i cant... oh well

thanks anyways