Camera Question: Calling TSJ to the front office!

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12-03-2007 06:48:38

I need a camera, I have 2 digital cameras that are 5 years old. They are good for just, every day things but with my son on the way I want a really nice camera to take pictures of him.

So I need a nice digital camera - price range can be up to 300 - 400.

PS. I know NOTHING about cameras.

What I have found, read reviews, and liked



Also, what size memory card would suffice? 1GB?


12-03-2007 08:34:24

At 6 megapixels, my 1 GB SD Card holds about 600 pics. It has 200 on it now, and says 379 left, but there are quite a few movies on it too.

I have a
Kodak Z650[=http//]Kodak Z650 6.1 mp, 10x Optical ZOom. Says 349 on Amazon, see link. I love it, no problems with it.

I bought it when my youngest was born 6 months ago, becuase my Sony Powershot, also 5 years old, crapped out becuase you have to charge the battery in it and the port went bad....

I think you're gonna come down to preference and price, seems like most are a lot a like.


12-03-2007 08:48:32

I'm a Canon fan myself, as is TSJ IIRC. You won't get a new DSLR in that price range, but any of the point & shoots are probably sufficient. I bought my daughter & son-in-law a Powershot A540 for Christmas, and they love it. 6.1MP with a larger LCD, and I found it for like $180 I think with a price match at Sears.


12-03-2007 08:51:00

I am not trying to be a professional, I want something that is pretty easy to use (girlfriend is tech unsavvy) and has good picture quality.

I think I may buy the first camera I have listed, but I want more feedback before doing so.


12-03-2007 09:03:15

Almost anything with 4 MP or higher will take great pictures. I have an SD10 which is smaller than my cell phone, but takes great pictures. It's small enough to keep with me all the time, so I never miss a photo opportunity. I think they're up to the SD30 now. The only thing I would change on mine is going from a digital zoom to an optical zoom.

Really, choose a MP need, and then pick out the Canon in that MP range. Canon's are intuitive enough that even someone who has never used a landline phone can use a Canon effectively.


12-03-2007 09:11:54

Thanks to Doylnea, I think I am going for this one....



12-03-2007 10:50:42

I would also invest in some good rechargable Batteries.... and go for optical zoom over digital zoom