Adobe InDesign

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07-03-2007 10:55:01

If you consider yourself pretty talented at InDesign, please respond. I'll consider paying for some help converting a very large Word document with hundreds of footnotes to an InDesign document.



07-03-2007 19:36:13

How long will you give me? And I'm not sure if "talented" is the word, but I use it often and what I don't know, my coworker will.

And what file format are you looking to export it to?


07-03-2007 22:37:40

The file will be in Word and I want to "import"/place it in an InDesign document. I have an InDesign master template already with styles for the various headings.

What I'd really like to do is use sidenotes rather than footnotes ala Tufte, but without creating an anchored text box for each footnote.


10-03-2007 22:40:12

I know it well and from what I remember that would be somewhat tedious work. Good luck.