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06-03-2007 15:33:27

I've had this problem for a while, but I'd be on AIM and suddenly, it would say it's reconnecting. The client doesn't know it's not connected for a little while, but sometimes people on the other end would ask why I logged off and logged back on again (meaning the server sees me get disconnected). There would be times where I don't receive messages, or send messages that don't get through, because I don't realize I'm not connected any longer. I thought updating to the new version would fix it, but now it doesn't even tell me when I get disconnected. It's not the school; this problem happens while I'm at home. Anyone know what may cause this?


06-03-2007 15:57:19

Probably your internet connection. ;)

Happens to me sometimes too.


06-03-2007 18:13:10

But its constant, and my internet connection isn't going down. It's really annoying.


06-03-2007 18:21:58

Virus? Spyware? Change your password? Windows Updates? Firewall?

Many things could cause this i guess


07-03-2007 06:04:29

No, lately my AIM has been doing the same. I do not get told I am disconnected, just the IM bar in the bottom right corner turns dark red. All my buddies on my list are online like normal, just I can not send IMs or recieve. As soon as I X out of the buddy list, I get "Connection Error" and it only happens here at work.


07-03-2007 06:11:44

TTGP, perhaps your work is starting to block the aim servers? I can't get on aim here at work.


07-03-2007 06:16:09

We use AIM to talk between hospitals. There are 5 hospitals in our region and we are all on the same team (if we are in the same department) It beats calling 10 people every day.


07-03-2007 15:04:43

This used to happen to me aswell, but i download a much older version of aim and it no longer happens. I have aim (sm) or something now and I don't get signed on and off every 15min or so.


07-03-2007 15:09:35

You should all upgrade to gaim.


07-03-2007 17:29:16

gaim doesnt support video, at least i think it doesnt


07-03-2007 18:49:50

I'd say go w/ trillian myself....


07-03-2007 23:04:34

Fuck gAIM unless you are on linux. Trillian FTW. Espically with the g15 plugin ;).