Turle Beach Santa Cruz sound card...Vista compatible driver?

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05-03-2007 18:07:39

Apparently, the company discontinued my sound card, and won't make Vista drivers for it...is there anything I can do, or are there people who make 3rd party drivers?

Here's my sound card stats

http/" alt=""/img168.imageshack.us/img="168/5711/nonameci4.png[" alt=""/img19a20b73e7]

BTW, I don't know why it says Microsoft is the manufacturer, it's not. Voyetra/Turtle Beach developed the card.



05-03-2007 18:10:35

Probably not....try xp drivers...if that doesn't work ..it probably wont


05-03-2007 18:29:01

did you make any effort at googling?



05-03-2007 18:42:27

Yes, doylnea, I do my research.

I knew about the beta driver, but it won't work with the newest version of Vista, only Beta 2.

Read the bottom of that page you gave me.

It doesn't work with RC1. ;)


05-03-2007 21:21:10

well that sucks - I don't suppose you can tell it to run the card in XP compatibility mode like XP does for old drivers?

Try a Chaintech AV710 - $25 with digital output and 7.1 sound...