!URGENT! Calling all Excel Wizards

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05-03-2007 08:50:37

I have 2 spreadsheets, and I need to run them against eachother.

Two Sheets lets call them X and Y. I need X to be run against Y and if they name appears on both X and Y - I need it to tell me or highlight it or something. Can this be done, or rather, how do I do this?


05-03-2007 09:40:00

Is the information on it confidential? (It may help if I can see it and try a couple of things)

Are the two sheets in the same workbook?

It can definitely be done with some formulas and conditional formatting.


05-03-2007 10:39:10

Well yes and no, nothing you could do anything with.

And no they are on two spreadsheets, but I can easily make them on one. It is just names of people.