2gb sd card?

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01-03-2007 23:08:10

What is the cheapest and fastest way of getting a 2gb secure digital memory card? i still have my $10 google checkout.


01-03-2007 23:19:58

Click Here[=http//www.pronto.com/user/search2.do?parentId=424ccb92-111109f4de4-624a&query=2+SD+&x=0&y=0&parentId=424ccb92-111109f4de4-624a]Click Here

Its three pages wide. Just go to www.Pronto.com and search for 2 GB SD


01-03-2007 23:24:29

Can you print the url out for me? Any links on these forums wont work for me for some reason...


02-03-2007 14:19:20

That site doesn't make any sense....