Software/Technique to Compare Access and Palm Records?

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01-03-2007 18:07:59

I have several hundred contacts in my Palm Zire21. I have several thousand records in a Access database. For the most part the Access DB is more up to date with information than is the Zire21. I'd like to find some software, or a suggestion on how to compare records from an Access DB and the Zire21 to update the appropriate DB (either Zire or Access) with the more recent record (being ok with relying on the assumption that the more recent data is the more accurate data).

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to do this? I would really, really prefer not to print out both contact lists and compare them by hand...


01-03-2007 18:40:59

I'm not sure that anything would easily compare the two. For starters, I think the Palm only work with contacts in Outlook, however I could be wrong. But that said, comparing the two lists using a program would go under the assumption that each individual record is timestamped by itself, and I don't think that's the case.

What would probably end up happening is if there was a program to compare the two, I think it would check which list was most recently updated (Palm or Access), and then overwrite the other one with it, rather than comparing each individual entry between the two tables.

I could be wrong, though, but I wasn't able to find a program like that when I had my Zire21 a few years ago.


01-03-2007 19:53:36

CG, you are the sexy...

Thanks for the help.