Anyoe want to share some best practices help for paying refs

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28-02-2007 20:36:08

I'm finding that this whole paying refs for their work and who should be paid when can be quite a task.

I started an excel spreadsheet but it seems like there should be good and bad ways of keeping track.

Anyone have a sweet time saving system for keeping track of everything?


28-02-2007 20:46:38

Google spreadsheets work best for me. I can access it from any computer and update too. also use the google calendar to setup when you need to cancel by, then have it email you the day before.

Google is glorious


01-03-2007 09:42:20

i use a word document and keep everything there.
trade #
site I did/money (including referral link for me)
site other person did/money
date trade initiated
date did offer
offer done
(pasted terms and conditions from offer)


03-03-2007 19:56:28

i have an excel file, for offers i did and got paid for. it then create a worksheet for the sites i'm not paying for. one of the noobs asked if there was a program, but i don't know of any...


03-03-2007 19:59:20

i dont even do anything, i just have a good memory of the offers that ive done and what not, i never requsest trade deletion for trades that have been completed and i always have paypal to refer too for money that ive sent( my subjects are very detailed and what not in case i have to go back and look)


05-03-2007 11:41:25

Anyone else have any awesome ideas?

I like the google idea and the excel spreadsheet seems to work pretty well but I am a bit lazy.

Let's keep ideas flowing..

Who kinows maybe if we all brainstorm and share ideas we'll come up with something brilliant.