Yet another 'help me find a new TV' thread

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28-02-2007 16:23:12

Hey guys, I'm looking for a new TV, specifically to play the PS3 on. My current TV is some old 15 inch Daewoo piece of crap tube TV, and I intend on getting a PS3 quite soon, so that TV just won't cut it.

I don't know much about TVs, so I thought maybe I could get some help here. Here is what I'm looking for
-Flat Panel
-20-23 in
-$600 or less
-Make PS3 look effin sexy
-(Optional) could be used as a monitor for a computer/laptop

I've asked on other forums, so far I was recommended

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance wink


01-03-2007 11:12:14

I picked up this t.v from C.C, I got the Floor model for 450....


Check out, they have some pretty good Olexia HDTV for cheap.


01-03-2007 11:33:04

please post this question in any one of the other threads. its more helpful for everyone else to have all the info in one thread, rather than scattered around 30 different threads.