Nerd porn: Brand new Dell PE2950 w/ pics

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28-02-2007 13:24:28

As FusionCash grows, it takes up more and up server resources. We muscled out basically every other site on the current web host's server and it's rapidly approaching time to move. So, here's the future server for FC

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Selected specs
Dual Core Xeon Processor 5130 4MB Cache, 2.00GHz, 1333MHz FSB, PE 2950

4GB 533MHz (4x1GB), Dual Ranked DIMMs

3 li 36GB, SAS, 3.5-inch, 15K RPM Hard Drive

PERC 5/i, x4 Backplane Integrated Controller Card

Dell Remote Access Card, 5th Generation for PowerEdge Remote Management

Integrated SAS/SATA RAID 5 PERC 5/i Integrated

Redundant Power Supply with Y-Cord for PowerEdge 2950
and SAS 5/E English Documentation

this box is insane -- not only are there two completely separate, hot-failover power supplies, but it can also hot failover on MEMORY. that's right, redundant memory. it has all the standard stuff like RAID, health monitoring, etc. but what really kills it is the remote access card as long as the TCP/IP connection is alive, I can connect to the server and control it from home. it has some insane features like automatic screen captures, downtime notification, console redirection, POST monitoring and more -- [url==http//]full specs[=http//]full specs[/url].

oh yeah, did i say one server? i meant to say that we got TWO, so that if all of the redundant systems fail (which is so incredibly unlikely i can't even fathom it) i can just flip a switch and be running on the other box in seconds.


28-02-2007 14:25:56

How much did that cost?


28-02-2007 14:56:07

it wasn't bad, they had a $1200 off coupon


28-02-2007 15:17:28

The specs are sexy. D


28-02-2007 15:26:37

$1200 off coupon? i could have used that when i bought my laptop a few months ago..... )


28-02-2007 17:06:23

I <4 nerd porn....


28-02-2007 18:32:57

Holy shit $1200 off!


28-02-2007 18:36:04

That's a sweet setup shock

[quote94a1d9b733="Admin"]it wasn't bad, they had a $1200 off coupon[/quote94a1d9b733]

Hmm... Well if you get $200 off coupons on $1000 machines, do you get $1200 off coupons on $6000 machines?


28-02-2007 20:36:37

You should probably run Memtest and/or Orthos (Prime 95) for 24 hours to make sure everything is stable. Usually people don't do it, but since you are running a server it is always a good idea.


28-02-2007 20:45:23

damn nice. I'll assume FC is pulling in cash now?