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24-02-2007 09:52:08

Okay, so I have this game, [i72fa99d1f6]Block Breaker Deluxe[/i72fa99d1f6]. I love that game, it was on my old phone. So for the past few weeks, I tried transferring it to my phone (I know it's compatible with it), and it would get to the loading screen, but it would freeze, and it wouldn't load, so I was pissed. Then, I get my 1GB microSD card yesterday, and I was like, hmm, I'll try transferring the game to there. They are .jarurl==http://=http:///url files. My phone is the Nokia 6133. Anyways, so I transferred it to my microSD card. I go to run the game, and IT RUNS! IT WORKS PERFECTLY NORMAL! So I exit, and then put a few more games on it. They all work. Then I go to run Block Breaker Deluxe again, and the same crap happens. It freezes at the the loading screen. I deleted it, reuploaded it, ran it, deleted it again. I tried everything, and it won't work. I don't understand how it would run, and then not run. Nothing was changed.

Of course, if it wasn't my favorite game, it would work. Murphy's Law FTL. (

Any help would be appreciated.



24-02-2007 20:13:34

sounds like you phone is loading the java improperly. you said it ran perfectly, was that just once or multiple times until you added more games?


24-02-2007 20:40:30

I even tried it with one game on the phone, and with more than one game. The other games work fine.

It just doesn't make sense that it would not work, and then randomly fully work, and then not work again. It makes no sense and it's pissing me off, because all the other games work. (

And usually is something's wrong with the code or the java programming, a script error would come up and the game would exit. No error appears...it just freezes at the "Gameloft" logo.


25-02-2007 09:16:52

This could only happen to FOAFY.


25-02-2007 16:32:32



25-02-2007 19:10:32

Try a master reset on the phone. That might clear it up...
If that doesn't work..Call your service provider and request to do a handset exchange..But dont tell them it's b/c of a game that its freezing, say its random.

They'll send you a new one and you send that one back.


26-02-2007 13:02:00

Bleh. I don't believe it's the phone though, because everything else works, including the other games.

So I figured this out...

If I first put the game on my phone, then move it to my microSD card, and then play it...it works! However, after I quit the game, and try to play it again, it freezes at the logo screen, and won't play again. WTF?! THAT MAKES NO SENSE!

Please help.



27-02-2007 11:07:08

If it worked before you installed new games, it sounds like one of the later game installs updated/downgraded the J2ME (Java) runtime or something, and the game isn't compatible with it. That or a configuration setting or something the game depended on got clobbered or changed.

Not owning a Nokia or messing around much with Java games on phones, I don't have a lot more to suggest, but that's what it sounds like the problem is. You might try a factory reset on your phone, to get it back to a "factory image" if that is possible, and then installing the liotherli games first, following by the problem game last. Don't know if that'll fix it, but it's worth a shot. Normally a J2ME game shouldn't mess with the runtime VM, but you never know.


27-02-2007 11:13:37

Mhmm, no no, I guess you misread it. If you read my previous posts, it works after transferring it from my phone to my memory card. However, after playing it once, it won't work again, until I delete it and repeat the same steps. It makes no sense. O_o



11-03-2007 13:32:43

could it be a copyright thing that disables it after one play if transferred to a new phone. i've heard of these things before it might be that can you download it again or would you have to pay for it?


11-03-2007 15:20:01

Sounds like the game closes improperly.

Just something to think about.


11-03-2007 18:44:04

Closes improperly? No. Because sometimes it never even worked before I opened it the first time. (


12-03-2007 14:02:40

Just reflash your phone with a different flex that contains and updated Java Environment, the Motorola phones I work with do this all the time when games conflict shared files.


12-03-2007 14:04:28

And just how do I do that? ^_^


12-03-2007 14:59:49

howardforums.com might help?
That place is great for cell phone issues.