The ultimate Wii modchip?

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19-02-2007 02:32:43

[quote14a8e475e3]Boot any region Wii Backups
Boot any region GC Backups
Boot GC Homebrew
Boot Wii Homebrew through chip menu
Boot DVD movies through chip menu
Boot any Virtual Console games
Supports multi-disc and Audio Fix
Upgradeable via DVD, SD Card or USB Dongle
128 MB Firmware chip with Recovery Mode
512 MB Onboard Storage Flash
Stealth Mode
Quicksolder + 4 wire Installation
Professional Japan made PCB and components[/quote14a8e475e3]


Personally, I don't care about this but I know a few of you are Wii owners and might be interested in hearing this... The whole thing sounds fishy to me.

Also, they say they aren't selling the chip right now due to lack of funds

[quote14a8e475e3]Currently we do not have the funds to start production, understand that we have bricked countless Wii's working on this chip, and buying more Wii's can be very hard due to the lack of supply. When we are nearing a set release date, there will be more information for resellers and samplers on this site. Hopefully we can manage a rollout of the chip sometime within the next 3 months, once we have the funds to start mass production, you will know about it. At the moment we are aiming to have the chip reach consumers at a price of around $64.95 USD (includes dongle), though this is subject to change.[/quote14a8e475e3]

Of course, take all of this with a grain of salt as there's been many fake modchips for consoles in the past.


19-02-2007 03:32:51

Yeah, I'm not interested in voiding my warranty just yet. But interesting information to know just the same.


19-02-2007 05:59:38

The only Wii mod chip I have heard of is wiinja, and I know it works - I have not heard anything on this one but I sure could find out


19-02-2007 06:15:38

im sure within a few months they'll have it rdy, just like the old systems they always find a way lol to hack them


19-02-2007 10:47:36

A wii mod would probably be worth it, seeing as how there is not online games.


19-02-2007 11:09:17

That's probable vaporware for now.

I have the cyclowiz but haven't installed it. There is also the wiikey besides the wiinja.


19-02-2007 13:21:43

Looks too comlicated for me...