Creating, Tracking, & Hosting a Torrent (Help Needed)

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18-02-2007 15:23:32

Hey guys. Sorry if this has been answered before, but I searched and could find nothing.

I have searched for hours of how to do this online, but have not found any success.

First off, I know how to create the torrent file.

I want to use mininova to host my torrents. They give you a couple of trackers there that you can use. I tried using- http//www.torrent-downloads.to2710/announce.

Everything went great. My page came up and showed that there was 1 seeder (Me of course.) I tried having my friend download it and it just didnt work.

Now I dont know if I am doing anything wrong, or what. Can anyone help me? I would really appreciate it if some people could try downloading the torrent just for a couple of minutes to see if it starts up.

Thanks a lot guys,



18-02-2007 15:33:53

It works for me. I see nothing wrong.


18-02-2007 15:40:10

Thanks dude. Thats really good news. That means it was my friend that had the problem. Awsome!

I really appreciate it.

Also last thing, I used Utorrent to create that torrent file.
I just tried creating another with a different video and it didnt work. It created a small mpeg file (14 mb) but when trying to upload to mininova it said invalid format.

I tried it twice with the same result. Usually the file has the little green torrent symbol next to it on my computer, but this new one has a regular video icon.

Any suggestions?


19-02-2007 17:41:44

I tend to use maketorrent. I'm not saying it's the best, but it works for me.