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12-02-2007 22:46:12

How do I get banners into my PM's and posts? I have one on ps34free, but don't know how to get it here.


12-02-2007 22:50:51

Just copy the code and past it into your signature box in your profile. HTML works, so the link will work as is.


13-02-2007 06:12:30

[b84a654e2f7]Some[/b84a654e2f7] HTML will work. It has to be well-formed though, otherwise this version of phpBB will not render it properly. For instance all attribute values must have quotes around them.

If the site just gives you an image URL, it will be a little easier to use BBCode instead of an HTML img tag.


13-02-2007 06:17:13

Besides, you can not have ref links in your signature anyways...

Wow, you do have them anyways. And I was just talking about copying the code over....


13-02-2007 06:18:58

Whoa, take those reflinks out NOW. Or I will and temp-ban you for my trouble.


13-02-2007 06:21:14

Some Admin Dmorris is....can't even check signatures for ref links...what does he think this is.....A4F?.....