Utorrent and bellsouth dsl....

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08-02-2007 00:00:22

When I use dl a torrent after a couple hour my internet drops and I have to reset the router in order to go online, the wireless connection is still enabled but I cannot access the web.

Is bellsouth screwing with me? How do I get around this?

[b3418e69cb2]Shorter Version[/b3418e69cb2]

My computer with a wireless adapter, cannot connect to the internet after a couple hours of torrent downloads, I need to reset the router everytime.


08-02-2007 00:10:30

See if your upload is set too high.


08-02-2007 05:01:55

I've also seen where torrent sharing can overload a DSL modem. The incoming heavy peer traffic hammers the modem and/or router into submission, usually requiring a reboot to clear things back up.


08-02-2007 14:08:47

Change the upload in Utorrent to a lower number, correct?

and thanks lol