Sending mp3 files to phone from computer via bluetooth.

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02-02-2007 20:01:29

Is this possible?


02-02-2007 21:23:47

Yes, what phone do you have though and from what service provider?


02-02-2007 21:51:26

Yes, deff possible, I am pretty sure you can use bitpim to do it with supported phones, im still using my USB cable but it works great for me.


04-02-2007 12:17:41

i'm using a chocolate through verizon. I know how to send wav files through, but i want to know how to send mp3s and jpegs through bluetooth as well.


04-02-2007 15:09:28

i've got the LG VX8600, very similar to the chocolate and with Verizon. I set up my Bluetooth for the phone and computer and it opens an FTP up... But the only thing is it doesn't open the file for my music, just my sounds... i transferred it to that folder, but then it won't work on the player.... I know it doesn't help ya that much.

I would start with setting up the bluetooth and you can pick all the services and then check the FTP for the folder. I've only had mine a week, so I dunno, still fighting with it. I tried to use it as Dial up networking, but it hangs up after a minute.....