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02-02-2007 11:26:57

Hey everyone,
I am looking to upgrade my video card a little and get a decent but cheaper one till i build my new pc hopfully later this year. but i wa thinking somehitng between the 7200 and 7800. would you suggest gs, gt, gtx? i wnat to spend only about 150...what do you guys think?


02-02-2007 14:28:13

What we need to know your motherboard AGP or PCI-Express compatible?


02-02-2007 20:22:57

AGP compatible.


03-02-2007 04:21:04

Okay. Now since you have an AGP compatible motherboard, the best card for you would be the BFG 7800GS OC. Your motherboard will not be able have any other higher-end card. No GTX's. You're going to have to make sure you have enough space in your case/motherboard. The card is pretty big. And make sure you have a decent power supply.

I'm using this video card right now, and it works great. ) (I play MAX Settings on F.E.A.R.)


03-02-2007 07:10:25

ATI 1950Pro is the best AGP video card.


03-02-2007 10:59:16

i have a large case and a 430 watt power supply right now. i dont want anything SUPER expensive or high end becuase i plan to build a high end rig later in the year. i just want somehting to get me by and play bf2 and oblivion...i will prolly do the 7800 or 7600,,,any ideas.


03-02-2007 11:04:29

Do the 7800. I'm extremely happy with my decision. D


03-02-2007 21:46:39

This card is $200 after a mail-in-rebate and will last you a long time, if you don't play at any huge resolutions



04-02-2007 06:46:54

Or you can get the 7800GS for $209.99


And it's [bb027561d41]$159.99[/bb027561d41] after a $50 mail-in rebate. D