just bought a vista loaded laptop

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31-01-2007 19:48:23

it has vista premium on it, but...

if i can get ahold of the cd key or something can i use it for my XP computer?
i dunno, i just faintly remember hearing that you could use it 3 times on 3 different computers...or was that for office or something

yeah, just wondering, legit question )


31-01-2007 19:54:22

My dell laptop has a Windows Sticker on the bottom with the key on it. Is yours there?


31-01-2007 20:02:34

yea its there, so.......yes? o


31-01-2007 20:11:57

I highly doubt it would work. Microsoft are asses like that...


31-01-2007 20:13:42

i just remember my friend being able to give out his XP cd key to a couple of our friends and it all worked out just fine, just wondering if this is the same case


31-01-2007 20:17:15

lol I misread your post.

You can only use vista on 1 computer per cd, unless you buy multiple licenses.


31-01-2007 20:23:46

interesting...you actually installed it on both? tahts odd.. lol

so what made yours work?


31-01-2007 20:30:36

[quote0eea26480b="akalic"]interesting...you actually installed it on both? tahts odd.. lol

so what made yours work?[/quote0eea26480b]

Go somewhere else to learn about stealing, fraud and violation of software UA's please.


(and I'm not kidding - don't ask anymore questions like that at FiPG).


31-01-2007 20:39:12

i wasn't, i was asking

i honestly don't know the regulations for the vista's product keys

but now that BD has edited his posts

i know now



01-02-2007 18:50:38

Microsoft allows you to get three licenses for the Same computer. This is only for those people who upgrade parts of the computer that demand a new OS install. They aren't letting you use it on three seperate computers, just three forms of your original computer. Hope that clears it up.


01-02-2007 19:05:30

[quote13717cb890="mnx12"]I highly doubt it would work. Microsoft are asses like that...[/quote13717cb890]

How dare they expect you to use a single license for software on only one machine. Sonsofbitches.. roll


01-02-2007 22:46:18

Yeah I'm not a huge Microsoft fan but they have every right to make sure each computer has a legit license. If you want free, move to Linux...