New 360 mods soon

Live forum:


31-01-2007 15:48:46

For those of you who know a thing or two about 360 modding, have you heard of the blaster360? Do you think it will be worth $60 as opposed to cracking open the 360 all the time?



31-01-2007 20:22:16

So is there a good mod out yet that can be used and not get me banned on xbox live?

I would get a 360 mod if
-You are guaranteed not to get banned from live (I love live to much to risk it)
-Games don't have to be playable on live.
-You don't have to solder


31-01-2007 20:35:43

I have had the guts to mod my 360 yet either, but that looks like it's well worth the money. Part of the reason I haven't modded yet is b/c I don't have much experience was SATA drives, and I don't want to brick the thing.