USB Controller for N64 Emulation

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29-01-2007 19:12:41

I'm looking for a good, but cheap, controller that I can use to play n64 games on my pc. I tried the keyboard, and I just can't handle it. It stinks overall. Let me know if you have anything that'll work well.

I'm leaning towards just picking up a wired 360 controller, but not sure if I really feel like dropping the bank on that, seeing I have a # of wireless controllers already.


31-01-2007 08:36:01

I have the wired 360 controller running my 64 emulation on my pc. problom was is the 360 driver (by microsoft) does not allow it to be compatable with 64 emulation. i am using project64 for my emulation (it works great, but its smart to have a few programs for some games are better with others) and i have download a 360 driver which can be found if you google XBCD 0.2.5 so look for that. and thats what i use, works great. also if you have a regular xbox. i have soft modded mine with evox and installed a made for xbox emulator called surreal64 which has combined 3 64 emulators to one. check it out


31-01-2007 09:10:24

I tried surreal64 a while ago when it first game out, but it there were still so many glitches that I didn't really feel the need to mess with it much. I haven't updated it in a long time though.

I ended up just buying two cheap ps2 knockoffs that are usb. Cost like 15 bucks for the pair. I'm sure they're not high quality, but oh well. They will still be miles ahead of playing on the keyboard.


31-01-2007 11:01:06


It's the Logitech Wingman. I've been using this controller for years. It's awesome. It's even got rumble. I don't have the wireless one, mine's wired, but it should be the same thing. I've never had a problem with it, and it works with all of my games (including games for emulation like on Project64 and M.A.M.E.)

Enjoy. D


31-01-2007 20:41:01

Nah...mine's not the logitech...Here's what I ordered....Again cheap was top on my list, and these look like they foot the bill