Moisture Trap - Can I cook an LCD screen?

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29-01-2007 18:12:29

Can you cook an LCD screen? I got some cleaning chemical in it (won;t harm it) and now there is a bubble formed in between it and the protective shielding? I want to see if I can suck the moisture out, i just want to know how hot am i allowed to get an LCD screen? Any help would be great!


31-01-2007 12:58:11



02-02-2007 15:30:20

I cringed at the question.

I don't use anything short of a clean water-moistened cloth on my LCD. Even Isopropyl alcohol can be risky.


02-02-2007 20:53:49


Well I cooked it at around 210 and it certainly rid of the moisture. LCD works fine now other then the after effects of the chemicals.


05-02-2007 15:05:57

+Kma for tryingt something risky despite what they told you. )