Dell 24" monitor's USB ports won't recognize PSP...

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27-01-2007 06:00:03

Tried to connect my iPod and PSP to the monitor through the USB cables earlier in the week and nothing happened.

Spoke with CollegeGraduit last night over AIM and reaized I didn't connect the monitor to the CPU with the USB cable, so I did that.

I reset the computer and it recognizes the monitor as a USB hub.

I hooked up the iPod and it connects fine, turned on iTunes and it updated with no problems.

I then connected the PSP to the same port and it won't recognize it.

I unplugged the PSP and reconnected it to the front USB port on the CPU and it's fine.

any ideas?



27-01-2007 11:05:06

Lots of devices won't work from hubs, especially unpowered hubs, because their current draw from the USB port is too high. The PSP might be such a device. I'm not even sure that the monitor's hub is powered, although I assumed it was. BTW I have both an iPod and an external HDD plugged into the 2407WFP and both work fine, but then again the HDD is externally powered and does not use power from the USB port so that may be why.