Wireless Netowrk Card USB

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25-01-2007 06:59:39

I built my a new computer.. and now I am trying to get WLAN working on it. I have a belkin wireless usb adaptor, but when I plug it in, my computer can't seem to recognize what it is. I updated the drivers for my motherboard, updated my windows XP with the new SP1 & 2 and security issues, and also DLed the belkin drivers for the usb wireless card.

Anyone have any ideas? + Karma to anyone who attempts to help =]


25-01-2007 08:19:58

did you install the drivers AFTER you tried to install the new USB device? I had to install drivers first then put something similar in the USB slot.


25-01-2007 11:38:17

Will try it. Thanks 1 + karma


25-01-2007 13:23:53

On usb wireless adapters you can usually have the computer look for drivers on the web. A feature of windows I almost never use but it seems to work for this one thing. Another thing you can try is I think you are supposed to install drivers then plug in the adapter.


25-01-2007 19:19:54

once u install a network adapter, u will have to do a cold boot in order for the watts to go in to that adapter and make it work. make sure u leave it off for atleat 5 min.


25-01-2007 19:32:32

Which Belkin adapter? (Model number)