Best PVP (Portable video player)

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24-01-2007 08:57:58

I have a psp for movies and I must say, it sucks, when I encode movies I cannot hear a damn thing. I'm so annoyed in this that I don't bother using the psp for movies anymore.....

Anyway, I want something that more suitable for movies/music, I have a ipod video but we all know you can't watch movies on a screen that small. I've been thinking about the archos604 for movies and music and just selling the ipod and maybe the psp in the process....

Basically I want something small enough to either put in my pocket or snap on to my belt buckle and that can play almost any encoded movie I get from the net that loud enough for me to actually hear it in a noisy area.....

How is the Zune's volume and so forth?


24-01-2007 13:35:13

You can try http// for encoding your movie for PSP better. It is probably how you are making the movie and not the PSP.


24-01-2007 18:10:55

ive used dvd shrink and 3gp for psp movies and never had a problem


25-01-2007 19:20:43

try to use the new winavi it helps convert psp movies