The Best Windows 98 and 95 Emulator?

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22-01-2007 16:24:47

i have a bunch of old windows 98 and 95 games (star wars tie fighter, wing commander the kilrathi saga) and i was wondering what the best emulators for those OS's are. i had thought about re-installing xp over those and booting multiple OS's but i think an emulator would be better....what do you guys think?


22-01-2007 19:05:42

Have you tried running them in compatibility mode under XP?

Getting Older Games to Run on Windows XP[=http//]Getting Older Games to Run on Windows XP

Other than that, your best bet is to dual-boot. You could run a VM but hardware support (particularly vidcard support) is extremely limited when using anything but a hypervisor.

There is an open-source clone of Windows called ReactOS[=http//]ReactOS that started out as a Win95 clone, but changed course and is now an XP clone. Not sure if those games would run on there or not -- doubtful, but worth a shot if you're desperate.


22-01-2007 20:41:16

thanks man, i will have to give this a try. i'll get back to you on the thread for all that are interested.


22-01-2007 22:35:51

A while ago I was looking for that thing Dmorris posted. Thanks!