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21-01-2007 18:50:32

hey my sound on my computer is messed up and it just started the last two days...

basically i have tried headphones and speakers and they both fuzz from time to time so i know its something on my computer...

what happens is it sometimes fuzzes during songs (i know its not the songs fault), and whenever i pause the song on winamp, it makes this dunno how to type it out but it makes this studdering noise

is there anyway to check the problems with it?

i mean its onboard sound...i don't have a sound card or anything


21-01-2007 19:50:17

did you try reinstalling the drivers?


21-01-2007 23:30:53

not yet, is it possible to find the driver online? or a better one? or more suitable oen ro something


22-01-2007 11:12:10

im not sure how to, but if you find something and click Properties, it should have an option to "Roll back Driver" or "update" but yes, you can ususally find drivers online, granted you know your auidio card/Audio number


22-01-2007 11:19:21

I doubt is has anything to do with drivers. Something could be loose internally. Or, when you have the cable plugged into the speakers and/or headphones into the soundcard itself (usually in the front or back of the computer), it might be loose. Try tightening it.


22-01-2007 12:12:35

do you have onboard audio with your mobo or do you have a seperate audio card. none the less you can easily find drivers to ALL things online. but like TFOAF said, its probably not that.


24-01-2007 00:20:15

yea i reinstalled the drivers and that doesnt seem to be the problem...


25-01-2007 19:22:44

try to do a cold boot. unplug the power cord and replug it


25-01-2007 19:39:59

[quote123725ad30="akalic"]yea i reinstalled the drivers and that doesnt seem to be the problem...[/quote123725ad30]
Did you try what I suggested? -_-