Help with photoshop!

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19-01-2007 17:42:51

Hey guys yet again I need help. How do you fade something and rotate an image you out onto an image.


19-01-2007 20:11:41

I'm not exactly sure what you are saying, but are you trying to do this http// ?


20-01-2007 18:17:52

Well, for fading select the laer, and object you want to fade then go to

Select > Feather then set the fade width

now for rotating go to

Edit > Free Transform, then you can go to one of its corners and see the familier rotate option

hope that helps!!


21-01-2007 19:54:07

To rotate an image, right click and choose free transform, ten just go to the corner of the image and rotate. to fade, go to Windows>Layers>Click on the image layer and then change the opacity percentage.


22-01-2007 05:33:24

You can also try

1) Creating a new layer mask
2) then choosing the gradient tool (making sure the gradient is black to white)
3) and then creating a new layer mask and applying the gradient as you like =)

To rotate an image you can do that free transform or going to Edit -> Transform -> Rotate. They're both essentially the same, but I felt I should point that out for some reason.