Few questions

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19-01-2007 17:23:36

1) I tried connecting a friends older ipod to my computer so he could get songs... but for some reason it would not stay in itunes long enough to add the songs. Then I tried hooking up Vcast stuff so I could add songs to my cousins phone... and was enable to do that too. But my Ipod and other friends ipod nano can hook up fine in my usb. So is something wrong with my usb drives that those things will not work?

2) When i am in a msn convo with more than 1 person.. I get dced from it every 10 min or so and I need to be reinvited in. Anyone know why this happens?

Thanks... these are a few questions that have been buggin me lately.


20-01-2007 18:21:59

you need copypod...

heres a link for a free trial


and i have no idea about your MSN problem sorry


22-01-2007 12:14:29

for the msn problom, do you have the newest version out? also what kind of internet connection do you have....my personal suggestion would be to drop MSN and just use skype;)....its WONDERFULD