Printer Emulator?

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17-01-2007 16:41:25

I'm wondering if such an app exists. Essentially, I'm thinking of an app that will emulate printer hardware, in the way that Daemon emulates an optical drive.

I had run into one of those coupon printer plugins, and of course they won't print to any of the common apps like Acrobat, MS Office Doc Image Writer or Snagit. My printer is currently attached to my desktop, and I'm lazy, so I wondered if there was such an app, so I could save it to my laptop, and print it later.

It sounds like something that should exist, doesn't it?


17-01-2007 16:49:36

That's strange it won't work with MS Office Doc Image Writer, because the computer sees that as a printer. O_o

Odd. shrug


17-01-2007 17:24:50

Everything I mentioned is listed as a printer folder item. That doesn't mean they aren't detectable as software rather than hardware.

The plugin even detects MS Fax for what it is. Apparently it has an ability to detect hardware, known software printers or just a specific list of recognized printers.

I'm just thinking there must be a workaround, and an emulator seems like a good one.


17-01-2007 18:26:35

You can't just scan the image? Or print screen?


23-01-2007 23:24:00

You don't understand. It will only output to a printer. Haven't you ever dealt with a coupon site?


24-01-2007 05:56:02

The coupon sites I've dealt with allow me to print using PrimoPDF[=http//]PrimoPDF, which is what I use to generate PDF's.

You might also try to cobble something together with RedMon[=http//]RedMon, which will redirect your printer output to any other application. It's commonly used for homebrew PDF output using Ghostscript, which is how I used it before the freebie PDF tools became more prevalent.


24-01-2007 20:39:01

There is also PDF995 and SnagIt 8 printer. (Snagit does files other than PDF)


25-01-2007 00:20:45

[quoted342e39dd1="Gooogler"]There is also PDF995 and SnagIt 8 printer. (Snagit does files other than PDF)[/quoted342e39dd1]

I already said Snagit won't work. It seems to detect that. I'll try the others though, and report my findings.



25-01-2007 09:35:00

I always use CutePDF as a PDF printer, although since it's not much different than the others I imagine it will be detected as well.

You could always install some random PS printer driver (say, HP Laserjet 4 PS), and then tick the box "print to file" (or set the port to FILE, but maybe it checks for that). You can then open that .psurl==http://=http:///url file in GSview and output to pdf if you so desire. It might work.


25-01-2007 09:57:20

I have PDFill and it saves my files to PDF when I print. I go to print and it gives me the option to print on my printer or print to PDF.


02-02-2007 15:07:00

Actually, Primo worked out great. I tried it with without issue. )