JVC GR-D30US Digital Camcorder Problem

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16-01-2007 18:59:04

Alright so, I am filming some instructional videos for a site. I havn't used my camcorder in about a year. I turn it on and....in the record or live preview mode all it captures is different colored vertical lines very small, but its like they cover in the background the faintest outline of my hand as I wave it in front of the lens. There is a probably a reasnable explanation for this, something broken or what not. But if anyone knows it would be great if you could tell me so I could order a part and repair it. If not I will have to buy a new one but hopefully it doesnt come down to that. Any info would be great! I'll see if I can find a picture.


16-01-2007 19:30:33

Here is a video I captured, in between the black lines (dont know why those were there ROFL) for the first 5 seconds , the rest is other video. Anyway can anyone help me out?