Video cropping program?

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15-01-2007 17:34:50

Anyone know of a program that you can crop video without changing any of the quality or file size? Like say you have a video thats 320x240, and you want to take the black bars off the top and bottom so the new size would be 280x240, but without changing the quality or file size of the video.


16-01-2007 16:22:15

you could look into vegas video or adobe premiere. i dont know if they do, but they are top of the line video editing software.


16-01-2007 16:29:16

I hate to keep reverting back to RiverPast, but they have something called Video Perspective that did this nicely for me. However, I think one of the Gordian Knot apps (VDub Mod?) can also do cropping.