a good solid DVD player

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11-01-2007 04:55:06

Anyways, our DVD players have been acting up.

So far, I purchased one Sony NS55P, which is a good solid DVD player, has nice clean video output. Only con is that it doesn't have an optical audio output. So it should work fine for downstairs since there is no HTheater down there. Its also very pimp, because it has this like precision technology that lets it read dirty and scratched discs with NP, where another similar DVD player wouldn't let you take a breath without skipping.

But Now its time for round 2, If i could get something like the NS55 but w/ optical it would be great. I would get an upconverting DVD player, but my tv doesn't have HDMI, so its pointless. (unless it can be done over component, in that case, fill me in) But what is a good DVD player in that 70-120 range that will be a champ like the NS55, but will also have an optical output.

Just tell me all of your recommendations.

And btw, i was just wondering, how come upconverting players need to have HDMI to output in broadcast, why can't it just be done w/ component?


11-01-2007 07:38:34

Just buy the cheapest DVD player they sell at your local big-box store.


14-01-2007 09:10:15

lol or u can but they new panasonic M7 model. works fir me.