Remote for Home System

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09-01-2007 14:23:54

I'm looking for a remote that will control my TV, Nintendo Wii, xBox 360, and DVD Home Theater system. There are two that I am looking at. The Harmony 880 and Philips RC9800i. From the looks, I like the Philips. One thing that I am unsure if though, is if it controls video games and everything, like the Harmony does.

Reasons for Harmony
-I KNOW it can do everything I want
-$80 cheaper

Reasons for Philips
-I like the WiFi option, as I have WiFi in the house
-Looks better

Right now I'm leaning toward the Harmony just because I know what it can do. Any opinions would be appreciated.


09-01-2007 17:31:30

I have always heard good things about Harmony remotes, and I have always thought Phillips stuff was crap overall, but that might just be me.


09-01-2007 17:41:58

get the Harmony 880, I have it, you will not be disappointed


13-01-2007 08:51:11

I have the 880.... its godly..... I can't really comment on the phillips s I've never used it before


23-01-2007 13:42:49

880 on sale at Amazon