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09-01-2007 10:26:56

I want to get an HDTV for my ps3.

Here's what I'm looking at

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The SD TV I have right now is 27 inches so I don't want to go below that, but I can't spend more than $600. The main concern is about it being widescreen. Unfortunately, almost every TV is widescreen these days. Obviously, a 27" widescreen is smaller than a 27" 43 screen. The big difference is when the widescreen television displays an image that is not in widescreen and it cuts it down to about a 13" 43 image. You know what I mean?

Okay, here are a lot of questions. Just answer what you can. If it's easier, you can just put the number of the question in your response, so I can what you're talking about.

1. I will be using the TV for PS3 and TV watching. Do PS3 games display widescreen? Do regular channels display widescreen? Or will they cut it down to a 43 smaller image?

2. On the second TV I posted, it just says 1366 x 768. Does that mean 720p?

3. Anybody know anything about Olevia and Insignia? Is it risky not to get a mainstream brand?

4. I know CRT's are a lot cheaper, and I hear sometimes HDTV's break a lot. Are CRT's a safer buy?