Help...mouseover html code and all that garbage!

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08-01-2007 17:08:38

I need a code like the one customorderthis has ([] Mouseover a prize and you'll see. )

I want a little pop up box like what they have but can't find a good code. I found a good one but it was a little baige on and it didnt work for yea...HELP!!

This is the code I have right now...

[code19c9ab01660]<FONT FACE="Arial"><a href="//www.test.comtitle="Eat the smaller fish, don't eat the big

fish or their meal will become you!">Fishy</a></font>[/code19c9ab01660]


08-01-2007 18:08:11


There's plenty more to be found on google.


08-01-2007 19:51:29

I'm not sure if there was a cut & paste error there, but there are several things wrong with the sample markup snippet you posted[list8910982603][li8910982603]the URL is malformed (missing [b8910982603]http[/b8910982603])
[li8910982603]ending quote missing from the URL string
[li8910982603]title attribute butted up against the unquoted end of the URL string
[li8910982603]title attribute is not at all a reliable way to render tooltips (as you've noticed). It's not a W3C standard to render titles as tooltips -- some browsers will and some won't, so you can't depend on it.[li8910982603](minor nitpick) Use of the FONT tag is deprecated. CSS should be used to set font characteristics. FONT does still work with current browsers, but support could disappear at any time. Many modern XHTML/HTML4 compliant IDE's will flag the FONT tag as an error.[/listu8910982603]HTML tooltips require some Javascript code and handling the OnMouseOver event. I haven't looked into the links Psyc posted, but they probably have what you need. I notice one of the links points to a CSS solution using ahover, but I'd be wary of it since that use of CSS is not widely and consistently supported across browser versions either, so without a lot of browser hacks you wouldn't be any better off than using title. Your best approach for something like this is using Javascript, and there are tons of them to be found on the net.


09-01-2007 19:28:27

Nice dmorris PAUSE...NOT!