[?] MP3 Player Help: iPod, Gigabeat, other?

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08-01-2007 03:52:33

So, my 20gb Iriver recently was stolen and I am in the market for a new hard drive based mp3 player. I have looked at reviews online but I would like some of your personal opinions also.

Some criteria
Mainly used for playing music (everyday use, bus, car, school, etc.)
Occasionally used for playing videos (long trips, airplanes, etc.)
Size - looking for something small this time, Iriver was quite large
At least 30gb[/color48951570a4]

So far I have looked into the iPod video 30gb, Toshiba Gigabeat s30, Creative zen vision m, and the microsoft zune.

The only two players I have seen in real life are the ipod and the creative. I am most likely not going to chose the creative, just because of the size and have heard tons of mixed reviews about ipods (breaking, freezing, etc.). I have never owned an ipod, but and leaning towards it at the moment just because of the nice interface and size. The only thing that sucks imo is the format compatibility issue. There are programs that can convert movies to the correct apple format though, correct?

Any opinions?

Thanks )


08-01-2007 06:03:19

Dude... hands down... no doubt about it... if given a choice of ANY mp3 player... I would go with the [bb4d903b4c5]Video iPod!!!!![/colorb4d903b4c5][/bb4d903b4c5] I have haed a 30GB for about a year (thanks again Trainn... it was my very first freebie) and absolutely love it. Apple makes great shit and has great customer service. I am not just saying this because I own one... I wear this thing to work in an armband case and have bumped it into a billion things and have NEVER had a problem with it. It is still going strong! Just over a year... and it's perfect.

... and yes, you can get video converters for free. Actually, in my opinion, the best video converter for the iPod just happens to be free. I have used several and prefer it... Videora iPod Converter.


08-01-2007 08:32:24

Wait until tomorrow to find out about which iPod to buy. I'd be willing to bet tomorrow something exciting will come out and it might be an iPod.


08-01-2007 11:26:52

My iPod broke recently and I'm really leaning towards a Zune when it's in my budget. It looks pretty cool.


08-01-2007 11:29:43

Video iPod FTW.

BD, I don't think the Zune is all that special. ?


08-01-2007 12:10:26

The Creative Zen VisionM is a great option as well. It's video playback is said to be better than that for the Ipod - and they have 30GB and a 60GB out as well.

Plus the price is cheaper than the Ipod.


08-01-2007 12:17:37

[quotecf751029d4="TFOAF"]BD, I don't think the Zune is all that special. ?[/quotecf751029d4]

Why not? The zune has a bigger screen and a built in radio tuner. Whats wrong with the zune?


08-01-2007 13:12:49

I'd go with the Zune, but thats just me. Or wait until the new iPod which sounds pretty nice, but will probably cost a bundle more, comes out.


08-01-2007 15:22:56

The Zune is bought as big as a brick ) and bulky... The iPod is the shit for it's sleek definitionless design... and thin as hell.


08-01-2007 17:13:22

I don't agree with your comment at all.

Zune is not much bigger than an ipod. I would never call it a brick.

http//www.gizmodo.com/assets/resources/2006/11/ipodvszune.jpg[" alt=""/img93e4210351]

I like the look of the Zune.

[img="93e4210351]http//techepics.com/files/zunesirius.jpg[" alt=""/img93e4210351]

There are many articles on the internet about zune vs ipod. The zune may not have all of the features of the ipod.. but I see more features coming out for the zune later on. And I don't listen to audiobooks from the library or podcasts, so that doesn't effect me. The one thing I didn't like about ipods was that they didn't have a radio! And the zune will support XM radio.


08-01-2007 18:26:09

OK... check the side view... that's what I was referring to. It's thicker and just... not sleak. It looks "clumsy" and I can't tolerate an MP3 player much thicker than the iPod. But, I will say, the Zune does look rather sweet in those pics, but I still gotta have an iPod. Besides, as said earlier, hopefully the new full, touch screen iPod will be released tomorrow. If so, you'd be crazy to choose a Zune over it! As soon as I wake up, I'm running grogilly to the computer to check it out. I fuckin' hope it's out!


http//www.hollywoodreviews.com/jake/zune_ipod_screen.jpg[" alt=""/img2cb292c755]

[img="2cb292c755]http//www.hollywoodreviews.com/jake/zune_ipod_edge.jpg[" alt=""/img2cb292c755]


08-01-2007 19:01:16

I got a zune for Christmas and I absolutely love it, it is hands down the best pmp in my opinion. The absence of a scroll wheel is actually quite nice, you really get more control without it. And the video aspect of it is amazing. It will convert any video to fit it with perfect resolution and no voice lag.


08-01-2007 20:00:15

^^ I Agree im lovin the zune


09-01-2007 07:56:04

Thanks a lot for all of your responses ) they are really going to be helpful when making the final decision. Also, thank you very much mistertomlinson and BD2006BD for taking/posting the picture comparisons of the ipod and zune. At the moment, I am still leaning more towards the ipod mostly because of the size and simple interface. The iriver I previously had was quite bulky, almost to the point where it became uncomfortable in my pocket, so this time I am looking for something thinner. I am going to wait to see what is released at the macworld expo/convention, but I doubt I will be buying the newest ipod (if one comes out). The video and zune would fit my needs perfectly, not really looking for anything more then a somewhat simple mp3/simple video player.

Question, does anyone run into problems when converting movies to the ipod format? Audio and video not syncing or anything like that?

Thanks again.