iTunes Help Please!

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06-01-2007 13:34:13

My laptops 80gb hard drive is filled up and now i can't rip a cd in itunes because there is not enough space. I do however have a 250 external HD hooked up. Can I rip it in itunes and have it place it in the ext hard drive. In other words, can I have (2) itunes music folders. I could change the location of the itunes music folder to the HD but it would take soooo long. help appriciated


06-01-2007 14:29:19

to all interested I had to change the location of the itunes music folder in pref... in initially i thought it would mess up my library but it just added a second location.


06-01-2007 18:10:46

sweet, i am going to do the same thing, so i was interested to see what solution you founf

thanks for sharing the info


06-01-2007 18:27:07

good thinking man. i would also look into just upgrading your internal harddrive as well? external ones. especially if connected through usb can take a lot long for info to travel and to switch drives. there are some good deals on new egg...that is if your interested. just thought i would toss it out there.