can't select offer

Live forum:


05-01-2007 13:49:47

FYI on this problem - tried firefox and ie7, neither worked (using proper cookie settings), site suppport gave me direct link to complete offer

i'm using windows xp if that matters


05-01-2007 13:54:19

Do you see any pop-up/virus blocker? I would try turning those off and then checking.


05-01-2007 15:10:07

Are the images not showing up?


05-01-2007 18:50:51

the images show and I turned off virus/blockers - if there any html gurus out there, here's some info - consistent behavior on 2 web pages - here's the relevant html

[b56dfaebd3d]web page 1[/b56dfaebd3d]
href="status.php" - [b56dfaebd3d]link works[/b56dfaebd3d]
href="out.php?action=go&ohid=424" - [b56dfaebd3d]link doesn't work[/b56dfaebd3d]

[b56dfaebd3d]web page 2[/b56dfaebd3d]
href="status.php" - link works
href="javascriptpopUp('out.php?action=go&ohid=488')" - link doesn't work

looks to me like out.php plus parms is the culprit - but still don't know cause